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More of our music? Here it comes...!

Hello, fellow fans and followers of FOCO. While we are making progress in our production step by step, the Christmas sprit has already invaded us, so we prepared for you a little surprise! ¡We are going to give away for free a Christmas tune! This track is based on a melody we all know love and associate with Christmas ( And no, it´s not going to be LAST CHRISTMAS by WHAM!). This release will be exclusive to this campaign, Y AND WILL NOT BE PART OF OUR ALBUM NOR ANY OTHER OFFICIAL FOCO RELEASE! And as we promised special treats for our subscribers... ¡ONLY MAILINGLIST MEMBERS WILL RECEIVE THIS SONG!

How does this campaign work? At our official homepage, you may have noticed a little Mailinglist member counter at our main page, which for the moment shows about 50 subscribers. Already subscribed members have already received PERFECT BOY, and it will continue this way, until we reach 100 susbcribers. Once we have reached subscriber number 100, we will send out this Christmas tune directly to your email, which obviously means, to you too, but... the former song will disappear! This means, that those who subscribe before reaching subscriber number 100, will receive two songs, PERFECT BOY and our Christmas surprise. Until when may I receive this song? Until we arrive at 200 subscribers. At that point, we will offer a new free track for Mailinglist subscribers, for free for you to download, and the former song will disappear again... And for the foreseeable we will continue this for every 100 subscribers. What do I have to do? Almost nothing. Just make your friends and contacts listen to our music (at our homepage, option EPK) and convince them to subscribe. The subscription format is available at the main page. Remember, that we are going to need at least 100 subscribers! That way you are helping us promoting our music, our web page and to find new fans. YOUR GIFT IS WAITING FOR YOU AT WWW.FO-CO.COM ! All the best. EOX

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