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Studio Update #10: New toys

First of all we hope you enjoyed the first newsletter written by SDAC, which I hope, it gave you a different insight into our way to work. I usually don´t get that excited, when it comes to new music technology, but this time ARTURIA really nailed it. I am talking about their new release, the Synclavier V2. For all those geeks of you fascinated by synthesizers, the Synclavier was one of the first digital musical instruments, and it contains a feature called RESYNTHESIS, which basically means, that you can feed any sound into it, and then you the Synclavier reconstructs this sound as a set of synthesizer parameters. You can play and modify this sound in unheard ways, far more advanced than Sampling is. (which a lot of you already know, is one of the main technologies we use to create our music). I fondly remember those times, when I did this using a Steinberg software called AVALON. This software was only available for Atari ST, and yes, I do own one of these rare gemes. You don´t even find it on Ebay nowadays... You had to transfer your sounds via MIDI between sampler and the Atari ST (which took even more time on occasions).

By the way, this little black box is a dongle for copy protection. You can imagine, that an Atari ST isn´t comparable with nowadays computers, so RESYNTHESIS took like forever, but that´s the price you pay if you want to sound different. This software almost always produced weird and special sounds, which we are still using in our recent recordings. AVALON was/is the first Steinberg software I used. While we really love ARTURIA plugins, we use only a few of them on a regular basis, mainly because we don´t seek to emulate yesterdays synths, but more interesting and new sounds, so our mainly used plugins are those with special features, like the DX 7 V, the forementioned Synclavier V, the CMI V, the Matrix 12 V and (of course) the ARP 2600 V. Seems to be a great moment to send out greetings and our best wishes to SYLVAINE MISSEMER, which is supporting pur project in many ways and is also the ARTURIA representative in Latin America. Thanks a lot, Sylvaine. Soon more on this channel :-). EOX

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