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We need a pop song

While we are still working on our album (which by the way is still untitled), it became obvious, that this album won´t be too easy to digest for the traditional pop audience. So we needed a pop song. And we found it. THe song is called SAFEST PLACE, and it is very likely to be released as a single, shortly before the release of our album. The following image shows part of it´s (still incomplete) arrangement. There is still a lot to do, but the bases are already there.

Anyway, we are discussing the possibility of launching one single or two before the album. The first remixes are already taking shape, and we can already tell you, that there will be some unexpected surprises. Also, we are getting close to commit some remixers. We already have a list of candidates, which will be approached soon for the single release (and no, it ´s not going to be SAFEST PLACE yet...). What else? We are rehearsing, and it is great to see, how the pieces of the puzzle are coming together. For the Release Party we want to play the whole album live. Until now, we have studied and rehearsed SECRETLY, PERFECT BOY, HEAVY METAL, ROCK IT and KEEP IN DARKNESS, which means more or less half the album. Tommorrow LIVE WITHOUT YOU will be added, which is one of my favorites. Particularly, KEEP IN DARKNESS will be an interesting song to play live; OCK has created a beautiful piano arrangement, and SDAC and I are gonna have an interesting part in its live interpretation. Soon more! EOX Particularmente KEEP IN DARKNESS será muy interesante interpretarlo en vivo. OCK ha desarrollado un arreglo de piano divino, y SDAC y yo vamos a tener un papel poco común en la interpretación en vivo, pero ya verán!Próximamente más noticias!EOX

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