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Rehearsals #1: What the heck we´re gonna play?

It has been a long time since our last blog entry, so here is the overdue update. We have begun rehearsals more than a month ago, working through several songs of our new album, which are to be interpreted live. We first choose, what everybody is going to play (especially the keyboarder), and then we create special sound banks for HALion Sonic SE3, as we are going to use Cubase as our playback provider and live sound source. The main goal is to maintain our setup as easy as posible, so almost everything can be automated and we the musicians can focus on our performance.

Unfortunately HALion Sonic does not respond to Program Changes, so we are going to load its performances live, which will be realized by SDAC. The lack of Program Change is a minor setback. These performances will include both synth sounds and drums, so we exclude compatibility issues right from the start, and maintain control on effects and main parameters. Later we will show you how this is programmed, structured and used live. Also, this Cubase is going to be the master for synchronization of video via Timecode on another computer. We are planning to play our first show at our release party, with the songs played in the same order as on the album. This first show will be made available in some way after the inicial release of the album (still set for autumn 2018). And before you ask, the album is nit finished yet, but we need only a little more time :-) See you next time. EOX

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