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Studio Update #9: It takes time

It has been now about 9 months since we started producing this record. A lot of people might say, that we already should have finished it, and in most cases they would be right. But FOCO is not like other bands: we aren´t bound to contracts at the moment, and we have the privilege of taking the time we consider necessary to finish not just an album, but a GREAT ALBUM. Yes, it´s going to be an album, but it does not have a name yet... Why it does take so much time? Firstly, we all have our everyday jobs. Secondly, although we are also reworking some songs from the ForthComing era, FOCO has evolved and this should be notable on this record. But the most important fact might be, that we are trying to surprise ourselves with our music. We all three have made music over the last years, and we don´t want to repeat what we have done or anyone else before, so it´s a continue search. How is it going on with the album? Well, I would say we are halfway there. I am not going to make any predictions on a release date for the album, but we will surely release some kind of single before the album comes out. You can see a list of tracks, we are working on, at our CURRENT STATE page. As promised: New music! We invite you to visit our EPK page, where you can find three demos from our forthcoming album. Trying some ideas, seeing, where it is taking us, just to discard that idea afterwards. The song DEPENDING ON YOU for example, which is also available for listening at the EPK page, has gone through a number of transformations, but now it might have found its final design. Live shows We were considering playing at a festival in Mexico City at the end of april 2018, but at the end we decided it would be smarter to finish the record first and play afterwards. Still, under certain circumstances we would like to play a 30 minute - set before the release. Everybody is now looking into its respective live parts of the shows. After finishing the album we will work on the visuals to mount a whole FOCO show. We are already discussing some ideas for the visual part. Hopefully in the next update there is more to talk about, meanwhile enjoy spring. All the best. EOX

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