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Studio Update #8: Starting to send out some demos

Hello, dear followers. I am happy to let you know, that the recording process has advanced greatly. We have now about four tracks in a presentable stage, and I am very satisfied on how some of our tracks have developed so far. They mainly need now to be mixed and then mastered, before their release, which will probably an EP, planned for release on CD and digital formats right here at our homepage at the end of April 2018, the usual online download stores are going to follow suit and include them in their catalogues some time later. Although we are not very keen of sending out unfinished material, we already have sent demos to some important people out there, as there are dead lines to fulfill. Now we are waiting for responses and obviously we will maintain you informed on everything. Also, we will begin to start rehearsals real soon, to be able to play a 30 minute set at the time of release. I guess, that some video might come out of this... This is also a great moment to announce, that my band mates S-DAC and LE-AR will also begin to create some entries here, so you will get some different points of view and you will get to know us a little better... Stay tuned for more news...and soon more music. EOX

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