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Studio update #6: Morphin´

We finally made the editor software VST kind of work, it might not be the most beautiful piece of software ever created, but it´s definitely working and easing up the process of designing and creating sounds inside Morpheus for the FOCO library. Beside creating and saving presets inside the synth itself I regularly re-record the same sound as audio, so we can find the sound easier inside Cubase´s MediaBay, and I can also use those audio files for further sampling and processing. Below you can see some images of the programming work.

Two pages of the E-mu Morpheus Remote

There might be more programming work to do for another two or three hardware synths, but this is not decided yet. Besides, you, the fans and those interested in FOCO, want to finally hear some new music, so let´s see, how to continue. All the best.


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