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Studio Update #5: Sysex´s a bitch

After a break, we are back in the studio, this time programming controls for some of our hardware synths, namely E-mu Morpheus. I´ve always been a fan of E-mu, being the Emax II my first sampler...incredible, what is possible with only 2 MB of RAM. As you can see, we can count on 8 buttons and one dial, not precisely too much control elements, so programing this synth is more convenient using a computer. And that is exactly, what we are doing at the moment...

Not our actual device, but it looks exactly like that...

Foto courtesy of

Thanks to application like CTRLR or Cubase Device panels we can control this synth directly from withing our production environment...once we finished programming a controlling VST inside CTRLR. Greetings and thank you by the way for the developer of this great tool, Roman Kubiak. Same is about to happen for at least one other synth, which will I introduce later (For the moment I am studying its sysex code within an ATARI ST emulator on Windows). While MIDI and MIDI controls are pretty straightforward, there is one aspect, which is more complicated: System Exclusive Data. Let´s just say, that these are informations especially for one and only one device, and programming it is a bit of a mixture of Maths and Mandarin (great song title by the way :-) ) We make progress on it, but with its 242 waveforms and 197 different filters it is quite a task. Maybe (once finished) we will offer it for other users. Fortunately, for some other synths, someone already made available corresponding VST plugins for synth control, which we want to thank personally for its efforts. Both saved us a lot of time.

- Yamaha FS1r: made by LUDELOV (Link to page) - Waldorf Pulse: made by JERURO (Link to page) Yes, we know, the Pulse is easy to tweak form its own panel... Those three synths, Morpheus, FS1r and Pulse, are the left flank on our workstation. More on the right flank in another post. Greetings.


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