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[ENG] FOCO Studio Update #1

This is the first of a number of entries, which will cover our work in the studio. Working in the studio is something, I really enjoy, but always there are couple of questions: #1. Is the song ready already...or not? #2. How do I surprise myself? #3. How will the people react? #4. How will those songs work live? Answering #1: Especially this first point is a difficult one. Once the mexican movie director Arturo Ripstein told me: " You don´t finish a movie, you abandon it." Well, although we are not making a movie, working in the studio can get really intense. That´s why we decided to change our general modus operandi. Firstly, we will not announce dates for the next releases to come, until we are close to it. Also, we haven´t decided, what will be released, be it a fully fledged album, an EP or a single. Most likely, there will be a single before an album release though. Secondly, as nobody likes to wait for anything, we invite you to join us in that journey, that represents our current production, meaning that: - You the fans, will be able to see how we work in the studio. - You the fans, will be able to vote on songs we will play live. - You the fans, will be able to vote on tracks, we will release, partly for free. - We will release clips of the studio work. - We will release clips of rehearsals, once we got there. - There will be a couple of downloads related to our production, which can be used by those producers among you. - There will be competitions with prozes etc. Today we will get started releasing an - incomplete! - list of gear we use. Share us your thoughts, ideas, experiences on our Facebook page: And the list you can find with click in IN THE STUDIO above.

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