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Statement on FOCO tour

FOCO would like to make the following statement: Because of differences of how to manage FOCO related affairs, keyboarder Anton Aviña has decided to leave the group. We, the remaining members of FOCO, respect his decision and wish him success in his future personal and musical endeavours. Because of this new situation, we are forced to apply some changes regarding some short-term projects. 1. Our tour through Europe, planned for june and july 2017, will be postponed. We were very excited to present ourselves at different places in Europe, so this decision has not been an easy one for us. Unfortunately, we would now have more or less a month to find and prepare a new keyboarder for our shows. This is not enough time, and we wouldn´t be able to guarantee a great show to both organizers/promotors and fans. We weren´t prepared for this new situation. For that reason, we would ask kindly to any organizer/promotor, who was in negotiation with FOCO through Anton, to get in touch with us as soon as possible, using our official communication channels below. via email: via telephone: + 52 55 2630 0042 We speak english, spanish and german. We will do our best to minimize a possible negative impact our decision might have to organizers/promotors, and of course we are still interested in a good relationship and future cooperation with them. 2. We are actively looking for a new keyboarder, which meets the requirements, and those shows will be re-scheduled on request of each organizer/promotor. 3. FOCO is alive and kicking. Our new single PERFECT BOY will be released as scheduled on May 6th 2017. Also, we are activaly working on the final mixes, and a videoclip, which will join this release. To communicate with FOCO, please use our official channels mentioned above. We the remaining members of FOCO deeply regret this situation, and kindly ask for your comprehension. Best regards from the Foco Management, VicroBeat & Roger.

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