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Current state of FOCO album

Hello, FRIENDS AND FANS of FOCO, here come a little report on how our album is going: 1. 90% of the album is already produced and recorded. 2. All the vocals and acoustic/electr-acoustic instruments have also been recorded. 3. The albun now has a title, which will be revealed ... later :-) 4. It´s going to be a 10 track album, with one song recorded in a GERMAN VERSION AND ANOTHER IN ENGLISH. This very song is also set to be released as a single, although it might not be the first single from the album. 5. The album´s mixing won´t begin before Oct 2020. 6. We are currently working on a number of remixes and alternative versions, but of course we´ll invite other artists to do remixes for FOCO as well.

7. Also in the works is a concept for future live appearences, to present our album on shows. But as the concert industry is paralized worldwide due to the momentary situation, our planning is affected as well, so we are not able to provide future live dates yet. All the best.


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